Tooth Extractions

Approximately 67% of households in the U.S. own at least one pet, with cats and dogs being the majority. This makes them a significant part of the family. Therefore, you should take their quality of life and overall health seriously. At Green Lawn Animal Clinic, we are here to ensure your pet's wellness by providing quality routine services and any pet treatment. You must not overlook the oral health of your cats and dogs. Sometimes, our veterinarian must perform tooth extractions.


How Will You Know That Your Pets Need Tooth Extractions?

The teeth of your pet should be checked at least once a year by a veterinarian. However, if your pet seems to exhibit signs such as bleeding from the mouth, broken or loose teeth, or bad breath, you should contact Dr. Jennifer Gerber as soon as possible.

Conditions That Require Tooth Extractions

After a thorough examination of your pet’s dental health, our veterinarian will determine the best course of action. In case of conditions such as severe periodontal disease, which is an infection to the tissue that holds your pet's teeth, or a tooth fracture that can't be salvaged, Dr. Jennifer Gerber will perform a tooth extraction. Other reasons that call for tooth extractions are:

  • Resorption
  • Orthodontic abnormalities
  • Injuries or trauma
  • Defective teeth

Tooth Extraction Process

At Green Lawn Animal Clinic, we make sure that your cats and dogs are treated gently and with compassion regardless of if they are undergoing a routine checkup or an advanced operation. We have modern amenities which guarantee top-notch health procedures.

Every procedure is different depending on your pet’s condition. Before an extraction, we administer a nerve block which minimizes pain and discomfort for a few hours.  The good thing with dogs and cats is that they recover very fast no matter how many teeth had to be removed.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Greenville, OH for Pet Dental Care

Pets being a part of your family should be treated with love and gentleness. They cannot provide companionship and comfort if they are in pain. That is why you need to have your pet’s health regularly assessed by our veterinarian in Greenville, OH to ensure that they are healthy. Also, as a pet owner, you should be very keen to identify any abnormal behavior and ensure it is treated promptly. For more information on tooth extractions or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Gerber, call us today at (937) 548-2875.

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