Laser Therapy


What is therapeutic laser therapy?

Therapeutic laser therapy is a form of treatment that allows a more natural route of healing for your pet for many illnesses and injuries. This form of laser therapy penetrates the individual cells and stimulates both the cell and its membrane along with internal structures of the cells in the affected area. Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This means that a laser is an amplifier of light that uses photons to help stimulate the cells that may have been disrupted by a traumatic experience. Therapeutic lasers are not to be confused with surgical lasers which are used to cut tissue, therapeutic lasers heal tissue. 

How do we use therapeutic laser therapy in our office?

We do a number of therapeutic laser therapy treatments here at Green Lawn Animal Clinic.  Lasers help with pain relief, reduce inflammation, increase cellular energy, improve circulation and nerve function, and promote faster wound healing. We use therapeutic laser therapy after every spay and neuter to help stimulate cell growth and encourage increased healing time.  Laser therapy can be used for musculoskeletal ailments like cruciate tears, arthritis and disk disease, in addition to soft tissue disease like perianal fistulas and abscesses.  Therapeutic laser therapy is painless and feels warm to the touch.  Pets usually grow to love getting their treatments and become relaxed during the process.  Dr. Gerber will examine your pet and inform you if she thinks laser therapy is a good fit for your pets route to healing!  


Therapeutic laser therapy is very affordable, even if your pet has to come back for multiple treatments. Once a plan is established for the patient's treatment protocol, we will discuss the cost up front to make sure you are comfortable with the entire process!

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